Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving in Arizona

We left Salt Lake City on Wednesday at 5 a.m. and traveled all the way to Mesa, AZ. Evelyn did pretty good too! I had a box full of toys for her to play with. Most of the time those kept her entertained. I was very worried about this. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with Justin's family and Evelyn loved playing with her cousins. That night, Justin left with his brothers and dad to go hunting. They had a fun time with all the boys. While gone, the girls went shopping, we worked on crafts and ate!!! It was a lot of fun. I found a lot of fun deals for Christmas-- I am all finished!I made Evelyn's turkey shirt by tracing her hand and then ironing the fabric onto the shirt. It was so cute with little ribbon dangling down for the legs.

This morning, we went to 8a.m. church for the Kristel & John and Wayne & Emily to bless their babies. We had a yummy breakfast with the family after. It has been a fun Thanksgiving weekend!

Welcome to our blog!

Justin and I thought it would be fun to start a family blog -- a place to put photos of our family activities and my crafts. Welcome and Enjoy!