Sunday, July 22, 2012

A fun Summer

We have had such a fun summer this year!  My sister and her family came to town, and so we stayed busy playing with cousins and friends.  It has been wonderful!  These are some pictures from the 4th of July week.

P7020001We hiked to the camp on Timpanogos Cave with cousins.  We saw the “heart” of the cave, and other amazing and beautiful creations.  Above, Ashley & Natalie & Evie are eating some snacks after the long hike up to the cave.P7020008P7020015Natalie & I inside the dark cave. 

On July 3rd, we decided to take the kids to the children’s parade in Centerville.  I thought about what kind of things my dad had still on hand that has wheels for the two 3 year olds.  I came up with Roller Racers!!  My dad jimmied up some rope and Megan & I pulled Jacob and Evie along the parade route.  Evelyn held on so good and just loved being pulled around.  It was  a lot of fun.  P7030016P7030020P7030021Centerville had their fireworks display on the 3rd and so the 4th of July, we had a spectacular show in front of my brother’s house.  I love this holiday!P7050022P7050027P7050032We have had some fabulous opportunities to play in water this summer.  Our family got passes to seven peaks and so we have been a few times there, to a couple splash pads with cousins & friends, and also to Tingey’s pool.  One one such occasion, Evie discovered the flippers.  She kept tripping over herself, but had fun discovering how they worked.swimming

Saturday, July 7, 2012

7-11 day!

Free slurped day at 7-11! We went with shelly's family. It was so fun! And evie, my non-sweets eater actually ate some of here's!


Sunday, July 1, 2012


In January, I was released as the YW’s president, and in the same breath, called as the camp director.  It was such a blessing to me to participate in this camp.  I loved spending time with the girls and their new leaders, and I loved planning and preparing for this adventure. 

Our theme was: S’more Shinin’: @ home. school. play.  Each day we focused on how the girls could shine some more (s’more) in their life in those locations.   


Justin got to go to girls camp with me!  I was the camp director and because it was ward camp,  we needed a priesthood leader with us, so he stayed in the room above the garage in the amazing cabin where we stayed!  It was on top of the mountain above Rockport.

P6260005P6260007When we arrived we split into groups and did mini workshops on how to “Arise” at home.  The girls learned about laundry, cleaning & cooking. P6260008P6260010What a beautiful view!  The first night we had a movie night on the big screen t.v.!  We watched Tangled & Princess Bride.  Below are leftovers from the snacks. Yes, we had to pull out the Tums….P6260014P6270021Early the next morning, we set alarm clocks to go off at 5:30.  I snuck (is that a word?!?!) downstairs while they were sleeping at 5 a.m. & placed 15 alarm clocks around the room.  I then went back upstairs and paced the floor eagerly anticipating them to go off.  At 5:20 the first one went off!!  The girls didn’t know what it was! They finally found it and turned it off, and went back to sleep.  One of the leaders said to them: “don’t get too comfortable…”  and then another alarm clock went off.  In the mean time, Just was out front setting up chairs and the polka-dot balloons.

We walked the girls out the basement door, around the side of the cabin and to the front drive where we had them sit in the circle.  There, we read the brother of Jared story in the Book of Mormon.  I love this story because it teaches how Heavenly Father provided the air for the brother of Jared in his barges, but The brother of Jared had to search for the light.  I talked to the girls about this concept and had Justin share with them some stories about women in his life who arise and shine forth.  I then had the girls write down something that they could do to acquire more light in their life.  They wrote it on a slip of paper, tied it to the balloon, and then we released the balloon into the sky as the sun came up for the day.  Beautiful setting.  P6270026P6270030P6270031P6270032A lot of girls camp for me this year was all about the food.  Because it was part of my responsibility as the camp director, it because a major focus for me!  (as food always is…)

One night we had hamburgers/hot dogs with french fries (you can get them frozen from Arctic Circle), veggie tray & chocolate fountain complete with strawberries, raspberries, bananas, kiwis, grapes, pretzels & marshmallows.  YUM!  P6270045One meal we Italian Chicken, scones, green salad & fruit.  Thumbs up to the meal…and below, Rylee faithfully making every scone in a huge pack of Rhoades rolls!  What a trooper!P6280059P6280067Brook, Kahia & Chelsea…love these girls!  They were my laurels…and will ALWAYS ben MY laurels… Love them!P6280069

For our service project, the girls learned how to cover a tennis ball with yarn (using kind of a knitting technique to do it).  These balls are then sent to 3rd world countries and given to children who really don’t have any toys.  P6280052YUMMY CHICKEN DINNER & SCONES!P6280061For the last night after Testimony meeting, we pulled out the annual pig troughs.  We fill them with ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, bananas & whipping cream and they can dig-in!  Some were civilized and used spoons…but some had fun with it and didn’t use their hands. P6290075P6290076Either way you eat it, it’s YUMMY!! P6290077

What a wonderful

girls camp 2012!