Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Vinyl Signs–FHE board, ABC board & FALL boards

My good friend Emily asked me to make her family a new FHE board. It was so fun working with her because she basically told me what she wanted, then we adjusted back and forth as we went.  So, it turned out to her liking (well, I hope so!  She’s only seen a picture of it!).  It is a chalkboard FHE board.  She’ll just write in the assigned names for the evening.  I have another boutique approaching in October, and so a made a few others for that.  Here’s a picture of one:


I saw this picture online & knew I wanted to make one for Evie.  So this is my {vinyl} take on the computer generated one: 


And of course, it’s 95 degrees outside, but fall is in the air!!!  There’s just something about school starting that makes me feel that way.  So, I had to do some Thanksgiving signs.  As I put them at the base of the tree, I thought how cute they might look actually attached to the tree!  hmmmmm. (As always, anything can be custom-made)


Monday, August 29, 2011

It’s preschool time!

Evelyn is starting preschool next week.  We went to her orientation, and she is ready to go!  The teacher is wonderful, (you have to put your child on the wait-list as an infant!) and Evie will be going with her friend Jacob.  (The teacher had children hold these sesame street puppets during some songs.)  P8220001Evie standing with her new friends.P8220002Jacob & “Aunt Sand”

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wonderful Family!

We have had a glorious August playing with family!  My sister took us to this fun splash park that had a playground next to it.  The splash park was plenty big for a lot of children to run around and  then when they were watered-out, they could run over to the playgound.  It was heaven for kids, AND parents!P8100001P8100003Evie & Maddie had so much fun running around together.P8100004P8100006

I came upon James sitting over a water spout and this is the shot I got!P8100011P8100012P8100018P8100029Another day, we went to the children’s museum with all the cousins and grandma & grandpa.  Here’s grandpa building up a wall, and letting the kids knock it over.  Such a great grandpa!P8160043J, Emi, Maddie & Evie working in the construction area.P8160045This shoot what where you put in a ball and air would draw it up into the tubes and you could watch it go around and around.  I think Evelyn did this about a hundred times!  P8160048P8160049Evie’s cousin J is so good to her.  He made sure she was okay in playing with everything.P8160056Here’s our future news anchor! James!P8160061Another day we went to the Davis County Fair.  The kids all got a balloon animal.  You can see the parrot’s on their shoulders and Evie got an elephant.  P8190083This was the highlight of the day for everyone!  The water balls!  You get inside, and just roll around, jump, or lay there.  I was so surprised at how much Evelyn enjoyed playing in there.  I was standing by just in case she freaked out, but she didn’t at all and just played around and around.  She had a “Ball”!P8190090P8190093P8190096P8190098This miniature horse was the only animal Evie dared to touch in the petting zoo at the fair.  I think she was more comfortable with it because this summer she has been riding horses, and so even though it was the same size as another animal in there, because it was a “horse” she knew she liked it.  P8190105The very last activity was that each child got to pick a ride.  Evie & Jakey went on a bounce-house slide a few times, and then this boat ride.  They each chose their boat, and after 1 turn around Evie realized that jake was in a pink boat, and she wanted a pink boat.  She screamed and cried the rest of the ride.  Luckily no other children were in the ride with them and luckily she didn’t try to stand up or get out.  It was a fun, and fabulous and long day at the fair!P8190116It was so sad to have a family of cousins go home, and the others start school…but, what a fun summer with them!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Family Vacation

We had a wonderful Summer vacation a couple weeks ago!  we went to our cabin in Southern Utah and while there, Justin & I took off to see Grease at Tuachan Theater in St. George, and the next day my family met us (with Evie) and we watched The Little Mermaid with everyone.  What a fun vacation up in the mountains.  I didn’t even take very many pictures….P8060001

The little Mermaid was adorable!  I was a little worried about a 2 year old’s response (the show didn’t start until 8:45), but she stayed awake the entire time and loved it!  She also loved roasting marshmallows!  Doesn’t every kid love that!?!?