Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Fun!

We had a fun Halloween.  Evelyn was the chick-fil-a cow and so we had to visit there for dinner before going trick-or-treating.  She was a hit and loved the attention.  They let her ring the cow bell!  Also, customers in the store were taking her picture.  So funny. 


This is her 3rd Halloween, and so really, the first Halloween that she could really enjoy.  It’s amazing how quickly kids pick up going house to house! We had a fun time visiting neighbors as we went around.  By the time we made it back to our house, I only had about 5 groups come by our house.  With all the homes being taken down around us for the highway, no kids made their way over here.  Lots of leftover candy.

Justin took her around dressed up as a cowboy – complete with his horse!  I made the sign by painting some chipboard, and printing the vinyl on my cutter.  Then, tied it onto her with twine. 


Monday, October 24, 2011

The Farm in Minersville

This weekend was the start of the deer hunt.  Evie and I drove to Minersville with Justin and he took off to their camp in the mountain.  On Saturday night he came back down to spend Sunday with us.  We had a really nice time visiting and staying with Grandpa Great and Grandma Kathy was there too.  We took a drive on Sunday out to the Dairy Farm.  The cows are so adorable, and the first time we saw them, I realized I had forgotten my camera.  So…we drove back to grandpa’s, got the camera and returned.  Needless to say, the shots were not so “candid” the second time around…but they capture the idea of it.PA230003  PA230009

Evie walked right up to the stalls at the first.  This baby cow had knocked its bucket out and so she helped by putting it back.  PA230012PA230013PA230014PA230017

Here is just one row of the baby cows.  so cute! PA230018

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Boutique season is here!

My boutique is this weekend, and then the next weekend we have a booth at the pumpkin walk in Stansbury park.  Here are some items I’ve been working on. P9180002P9180004

These signs turned out so fun!  They are old crate boards & I stenciled a graphic onto them.  Different, but fun.


My niece Ashley received her young womanhood Recognition Award. I am so proud of her!  This is what we gave to her to tell her congratulations.  The other side has the other quote.  She can decide what kind of mood she’s in …


the only thing that keeps me going is how brilliant and amazing I am.