Friday, April 23, 2010

Rainbow cupcakes

I made these rainbow cupcakes for Young Women's this week! They turned out so fun. but, took me a long time. I was slow this first time around! Make the batter and then divide up in the amount of colors you want to use. Use the non-liquid food coloring because the colors are more vibrant.
Next, put the batter into a ziploc and pipe a blob into each cupcake holder. Do all of one color at a time.

Close-up blobs. Willy Wonka gobstoppers!

This is the cupcakes after baking. They are darling. I then piped frosting on top and sprinked with dot sprinkles. (see above)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Evelyn and a GIANT Hershey's Kiss

Things were a little too quiet yesterday afternoon at my house! I went looking for Evelyn to see what she was up to. Look what she found! and unboxed, and unwrapped!!! She found them sitting on the table (Justin got them the day before from his mom's house) and she went to work on them! She knows what a hershey's kiss is, and so THIS was payday!! She did have her hair done earlier on in the day, but after a nap, this is where it was at.
Digging in!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Big Race!

Kristel, Kathy & I (with Kathy's sister Cynthia) walked in the Salt Lake City 5K this morning. It was a gorgeous day! Justin dropped Evelyn & I off (since traffic and roads were crazy) and Evelyn just sat back and enjoyed the scene. This was a big deal for Kathy, and she did awesome! She has struggled with her health for the past few years, and just came out on top this morning! Way to go Kathy! I'm proud to know you! This is Kathy, Kristel & Cynthia . Whenever Evie would hear someone cheering the race on, she would start imitating the sound. So cute! We had a little cheerleader with us!
Kathy has just crossed the finish line! YIPEE! (She's in the center of the picture pushing the stroller)

Following the crowd....One side is heading to the middle of the race, the other side of the street has made the turn and is heading home.

evie & dry erase board link

Evie Received this new outfit from Aunt Megan. She is so adorable in it! The shirt says: a great day for a picnic. I also had to attach a link to a cute idea for a homemade dryerase board activity book for when she's a little older

Young Women/Young Men Etiquette Night

Our activity this week was a combined activity. We had an etiquette night. Heather (my 2nd counselor) and her husband Brandon came to be our our etiquette hosts. They taught us the in's and out's of proper etiquette. They were fantastic! They were dressed to the nine's and they started off with literally, a song and dance. We then excused the boys to draw a girl's name, and they went to find their seat. The boys then held the seat for the girl assigned to them. The youth were wonderful sports and we have a fun evening. We decided to serve spaghetti since that's always awkward to eat, and dinner rolls, salad, creamed corn and for dessert, we had ice cream sandwiches drizzled with chocolate sauce, caramal sauce & whip cream on top! Yum.
We had all five tables filled with leaders and youth. Fantastic evening!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

work hard, play hard!

Justin planted our garden this week...potatoes, peas, onions & lettuce. Evelyn & I came outside right as he was planting the peas and so she helped him! Well, she mostly threw the peas down, but not too far so he could scrape them back into the furrow.

While we were outside, Evelyn found the swing. She dragged it out for her dad to put up. She wouldn't let-up in her begging (without words!). So, after planting, Justin put up the swing for her. Oh, she has the best dad in the world!
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I looked out the window...

My wheat grass needed a little sprucing up! I picked daffodils from my garden and poked them into the bottom. It brings a little spring indoors!
Popcorn popping...Evelyn loves plain popcorn! She helped me (actually ate while waiting) make caramel popcorn.
mmmm. Boiling away.
Here it is mixing up. YUM!
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter with the Yardley's

Evelyn "rolling" her easter eggs: We "roll" easter eggs and have a race with each other. We like to go all over the place to do it (sand dunes, capital hill, etc.). Because of the weather, we stayed close to home and rolled them down mom & dad's hill.
Evie saw us doing it, and she picked her's up and with a loud "Wheeee" she threw it down the steps. She went up and down the stairs to retrieve them. When they'd crack and break open, she'd get another. (Thank goodness for Grandpa Don and his smaller chicken eggs!). Check out the air that egg is getting! (right above her head -- it's green).
Easter Saturday:
What a fun day we had swinging and searching for easter eggs. My cousin Laura joined in on the fun too! Justin is in the background and Emily is on the ropeswing.

OH, you beautiful doll!

These were Justin's eggs this year. Two missionaries (one from south america) teaching their Brazilian investigator. Their car is in the backgroud for a quick get-away.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter treats

Justin asked me to make a treat to take to his home teaching families. I baked brownies in cut-down cupcake holders, smeared on some creamcheese frosting, toasted some coconut and threw on some jelly beans. Simple. The only thing is that they were cooked a little bit too long, so it was hard to pull the paper off. The next day, after sitting in a bag with a piece of bread, they were soft & moist and the paper came right off.

April Fool's day!! It snowed!

It doesn't get any better than playing in the snow with Grandpa yardley! We went to visit grandma & Grandpa and Evelyn just played, played, played with Grandpa! They built this snowman and every time she stood next to it, she would rock back and forth like she does when we sing "Once there was a snowman." So cute! Then, she learned she could throw snowballs. She'd pick up a pile and with a "Wheeeee" she'd throw it down on the ground. So proud of her snowman!

Grandpa helping evelyn in the snow.

It really snowed on April 1st!!!

Friday Easter Egg hunt

We went to Tooele to a egg hunt that Kristel hosted and planned. It was a lot of fun for Evie to play with all the toys around...instead of the eggs. We held it in the church because of all the snow they recieved the day before! This is evelyn checking out what she has in her bucket...Grandma kathy pulled Evelyn & jackie in the wagon (and some of Jackie's Neighborhood friends). Grandma kathy & Evelyn

Filling up her bucket. She didn't quite get the concept, but she still had fun. One of the few she actually picked up and put in her basket.

Waiting for it to start....They were a little anxious. :) Ah, the things an older cousin teaches a younger one.