Sunday, April 18, 2010

Evelyn and a GIANT Hershey's Kiss

Things were a little too quiet yesterday afternoon at my house! I went looking for Evelyn to see what she was up to. Look what she found! and unboxed, and unwrapped!!! She found them sitting on the table (Justin got them the day before from his mom's house) and she went to work on them! She knows what a hershey's kiss is, and so THIS was payday!! She did have her hair done earlier on in the day, but after a nap, this is where it was at.
Digging in!


  1. Yumm! I want one, and I want to stick the point in my mouth just like Evie! Love the pictures. I need you to show me how to blog better. I can't get the pictures where I want them and don't want to figure it out so I've slightly given up. You're motivating me to maybe try again...

  2. I love a little girl with nap hair. Hey, didn't Kris want to bring Jackie on the walk? I don't know why she wouldn't. You guys are great for supporting Kathy.