Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Evelyn's entertainment

On sunday, we came home from church, and I was making dinner, and went out to the garbage can. She wanted to go out and so I left the door open while I was right there with her. As I worked around the kitchen, she was busy moving everything off the pantry shelf to outside. She would take an item at a time to the outside. Finally, I dared to look and see what she had done. This is what it looked like. She loves to line things up. it was so funny.
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Spring holidays and Birthdays for YW

Easter stacking blocks

April Showers sign on a wood board for a shelf
Lucky sign on a wood board for a shelf
I saw this darling idea over at and loved it for young women birthday's for 2011. We printed the words (name and value words) right onto burlap. It turned out so fun! Another woman in the YW's made cute bows for their hair and they hook onto the board for storage and decoration.
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

ward party February 2011

We had a blast last night at our ward party. Because there is now no activities committee, the first party fell in the lap of the young women leaders. So, with my board, we planned an adult's only dinner/dancing party. The theme was "Don't tell my heart my achy-breaky heart" (western theme). We have the corbridge's in our ward who dj and they were superb! Justin was a great sport and danced the night away with me! We have never danced together, and it was so fun for us!Another person in the ward drew this backdrop for pictures for each person/couple. I loved that!
We love how the centerpieces turned out! Flowers in boots! One person turned to her husband and said, "i bet you'd have never guessed flowers would be in your $300 boots!" She was right and it was adorable.
Here we are doing YMCA. Lots of fun, Lots of work and lots of fun people!
Justin in his cute cowboy hat!
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Kiss Me, I'm Irish!

St. Patrick's day is coming! Here's my subway art wall hanging for the holiday
Stacking blocks are back....(I didn't do any for v-day)! I love the gold vinyl!
Top picture from this collage is a painted wood shamrock (painted green, then white on top). Middle picture is a wallhanging for the holiday and the bottom picture is the same painted wood shamrock just multiplied by 3. Enjoy! You can see the previous post of the same type of wood project here:
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Monday, February 7, 2011

What the world needs now, is LOVE sweet love!

Here's my last project until after the big LOVE day next weekend. The fun thing about this project, is it's not vinyl, but a combo of paint and stain to make the desired effect.
I applied a coat of cream paint on a ragged piece of wood -- very rustic-- then, once dry, I put on vinyl and stained over the entire piece of wood, vinyl and all. I then peeled off the vinyl and ta-da....finished project! So easy and a really fun look.
Look closely, you can see it's not vinyl, but paint. I think I'll try this again, but with colored paint instead of stain! Hmmm, what can I do GREEN for st. paddy's day!?!?
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my Evie!

These are Evie's favorite toys...Dinosaurs from Dinosaur train! She lined them up in the bathtub yesterday and I thought it was adorable!
Evie found my high-heels and walked all over the house in them. She soon gave up, though.
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Friday, February 4, 2011

card catalog project

Justin & I found this card catalog at D.I. a few months ago. I wanted it so badly, and thanks to Kevin & Shelly for their help transporting it, I am now the proud owner. This week, I decided I was done with the sticky notes telling me what each drawer held, and so I pulled out my vinyl cutter and jazzed it up! I am in love again with this D.I. find!

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The month of LOVE!

I saw this idea online and decided to try it. The blocks were all painted red, then a pink layer on one, and white on the other. I then sanded them down so the red showed through. The red block i smeared white paint across it. I made a set for a good friend and have the other sitting in my house.

Wood block with wooden heart $8 each
Multi-word blocks (these were a special order I was sending out the door). Each set spells about 17 different words. $20 big set $15 small. These are my most popular items and they come in any color combo.
This was a new medium for me...molding (and it curves in). It was fun to see how it turned out. I like how the stain shows through on the ridges. $12. It can say anything.
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Shhhh... sister's bday present revealed!

My sister is very musical, and everything about their family is musical, so I decided to create these pieces for her birthday next week. The first idea came from watching a person on Studio 5 (local news/craft show). It works perfectly for her family.
I saw this quote and loved it. This is her all the way. Happy Birthday Monica!
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