Friday, February 4, 2011

The month of LOVE!

I saw this idea online and decided to try it. The blocks were all painted red, then a pink layer on one, and white on the other. I then sanded them down so the red showed through. The red block i smeared white paint across it. I made a set for a good friend and have the other sitting in my house.

Wood block with wooden heart $8 each
Multi-word blocks (these were a special order I was sending out the door). Each set spells about 17 different words. $20 big set $15 small. These are my most popular items and they come in any color combo.
This was a new medium for me...molding (and it curves in). It was fun to see how it turned out. I like how the stain shows through on the ridges. $12. It can say anything.
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  1. Came across your blog off pinterest and wondered how to go about ordering some of your cool stuff?! Do you have an etsy shop by chance?