Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Spring!

My boutique this spring will happen after Easter, and so I haven’t been doing a lot of Easter crafts – I’ve actually doing a lot of 4th of July!!  But, I did make a couple of these tulle wreaths and decided I really love the look of it on my front door.  Very fresh & spring-y feeling!  Happy Easter & Happy Spring!  They are made by cutting about an 8 inch strip of tulle of different colors, combine 3 strips and tie in a knot all together.  Repeat this all around the wire.  Then I glued on some sparkly easter eggs.  fluff and trim and enjoy!  (oh, below it is the vinyl I’ve put on my door for the season). 

spring wreath

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Full of Blarney!

Today for St. Patrick’s day, Justin made us breakfast.  He created green eggs, (regular) bacon, & green pancakes.  As I sat down, and commented on the pancakes, he said, they are even shamrocks!  And, they were!  He is adorable to do that!  There must be some Irish in that man after all! 


Evie especially loved the milk magically turned green!

We had a st. patrick’s party with Justin’s family.  I took pictures of the centerpiece I was putting together, but never took an actual picture of it on the table!!  UGH!

Anyway, I took glass jars, applied mod podge and rolled them in gold glitter.  I then snipped greenery from my front yard and put it in the glass jars.  I also have ivy growing in my front yard, and so I placed the jars on a white tray and wrapped the ivy around the base of the jars. 


I used a total of 5 jars for the centerpiece.

Monday, March 5, 2012

New Vinyl wood signs!

Here are some new additions to my wood crafts.  As always, they can be done in any size, and for your shelf or hanging. 

P2090015P2090016P2150040P3010009(shelf or wall-hanging example)P3010010P3010013P3010014(Perfect for Mother’s day)P3010020

Warm before the storm

Last weekend we went to St. George while Justin has some meetings.  Evie and I had a nice time during a beautiful day!  We went to the St. George Temple grounds and, of course, the pizza factory for dinner.  It was a fun getaway! 



After seeing and playing on the stairs, we have to make stairs on our blocks/Legos temple now.  every time.

The week we came home, it stormed a few times.  We were able to make some snowmen.  (er, women/girl).   One night, this is what Justin and Evie made.  It’s a little Evie snowgirl! 


 149 - Copy151153