Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Dress

Someone made a comment about how I'm never in the photos that I put on the blog. (Well, actually, I'm usually never in the photo unless we stop someone to take our photo.) So, Evie & I were leaving for church on Sunday morning, and I decided to try some self-shots of the two of us. This one was decent enough. Evie is darling!... Although, I could never get a full shot of her dress because she insisted in carrying around "Da da's" book. It's hard taking a picture of an 18 month old by yourself! No one to position her, and snap the photo!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

tutu leggings

I Just had to post this tutorial link so that I can remember how to make these darling tutu leggings one day when I have time! (And remember to buy the socks!)http://somedaycrafts.blogspot.com/2010/03/guest-blogger-texas-monkey-tutu.html

Friday, March 26, 2010

On a snowy March 26th, I decided it's time to post a welcome spring picture! This was my fun project that I experimented with this season. I have always wanted to plant grass to decorate with, and so I pulled out my wheat in my food storage, threw some in with soil and added water! Tada!!! It really does look cute on the kitchen table! I think it needs a haircut...
I covered it for 3 days to create a greenhouse. They sprouted on day 3. It grows so fast!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

time away

It feels like forever since i've blogged...so I'm catching up today. I actually got to go to southern Utah with meg & Rach and had such a fun time eating at the pizza factory & shopping at the outlets. When I came home, Evelyn had a fever, and so Monday was spent taking care of her, and time has flown by since then. I'm back and posting again! Enjoy the spring crafts!

New Easter crafts

I finished this candy holder. I just stained the wood, then mod podged paper onto the front. Then, screwed the acrylic into the wood. So easy. I also had a helper... Eveyln was so good about putting the jelly beans into the egg. She didn't even try to eat them til we were near the end. Then, she realized she didn't like them all that much!

Here's the back of the egg...so both sides are open. It is so fun!
Here's another egg-stra special project!! This is wood eggs that I mod podged onto wooden shapes, painted the dowel & base and voila!! standing eggs!!

Young women activity

We had such a fun young women's activity last night. Thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law Brenda. She took three photos of the salt lake/bountiful temple, edited them, and cropped them to fit an 8x8 square from costco. I then got some wood from my counselor's husband and it was 10x10 square and I painted them black. Justin drilled two holes and then the girls mod podged them onto the board. They really liked them a lot and had fun choosing ribbon to hang from it. Great night! We also taught them how to make homemade hot chocolate (yum) and I made mothergoose popcorn (candy popcorn). Kaylee & Leslie (above)
Jenna & Jennika (above)

Brook (minus the ribbon -- she was waiting for it to dry). Aren't the photos gorgeous!?!!?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Easter Decor is up!

I am so excited about my tree! It turned out so cute. I cut some branches off our apple tree, stuck it in styrofoam and put moss around it. I then hung these darling eggs off of the tree. I think I got them from Tai Pan last year. It turned out really fun! Here's my chipboard bunny's and eggs!
This is my new project this year. I had the blocks that had another vinyl saying on it. I took that off, and paper-crafted the blocks to cover the paint. They were already stained and sanded! Yea, one thing I can put down that I Reused/recycled! (besides my newspaper!) I cut the vinyl with my cricut and I think it turned out pretty Cute. I am ready for spring!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day 2010

Dinner for 3: Steak, whipping cream potatoes (with a hint of green food coloring), green beans and orange rolls (I dyed the sugar green). Yum. Justin preferred this kind of green over a steak that was green. gross!
I sent this lunch box off to work with Justin this morning. I covered a gable box with green paper and made the shamrock & sign. Nothing fancy inside, just left-overs. This is the tag on the top.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Yardley Family St. Patrick's Party

Evelyn in her st. paddy's day shirt. The back says: Lucky (see below)
We had a party at mom & dad's house on Sunday night for St. Patrick's Day. Yes, we are IRISH!! It is a fun excuse to throw a party. We had shis-ka-bobs and rice and mom's yummy rolls, and salad. It was such a fun night!

Here's Jamison & brenda with Evie. She was attacking them with the spoon! Miss Emily loves her uncle Justin! It's a good thing he joined the family! Together, they won a game!

Natalie made a face every time I took her picture. Rach in the background with mom.

Grandpa playing with Evelyn. She loves to go by the fire and rub her hands together. See the cute shirt I made for her on my cricut! The front is a shamrock.

Here's Meg & Laura Petty. It was fun to have Laura there to visit us...and of course, Ireland's national symbol: the harp, in the background.

Evie playing in Natalie's boots

Ashley eating dinner...

Evelyn, Natalie & Emily eating dinner (they helped Grandma put together the shis-ka-bobs)

Evelyn discovers there are goodies in the little cauldron's! YUM.

English Birthday Party

YUM!!! English Trifle (recipe below) This weekend, we celebrated John Overman's birthday. Kristel surprised him with an English-themed birthday party. He was happy about that since he served his mission to London. I made an americanized version of an English Trifle and also yorkshire pudding (German pancake) cooked in muffin tins so that people could have an individual serving. I forgot to take pictures of that, but they turned out fun. The trife is unsugared strawberries, angel food cake torn apart and the pudding is a mixture of 2 boxes white choc instant pudding, mixed with 2 cups cool whip (make 1 cup cool whip per box of pudding used). Then, layer it together. This was three layers and I used real whipping cream on the top. YUM!!
Right before John's birthday, we received a package from Iris in England (Rachel's friend). I saved the packaging and wrapped John's gift inside. How authentic!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fairy Wand with Curly ribbon

I love this fairy wand made with ribbon that is curled in the oven. I had to put the link on here so I can remember where I found it when I go to make one!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Card

I love how this flowerpot card turned out. It is so cute because it has a back to it that props it up, so it looks like you've given someone a pot of flowers to set on their counter! The flowers pull up to a blank card area to write a message (it's tucked inside the pot and pulls up!) Here's a side view showing the stand that's attached to the card. (You can see my wheat grass in the background!! I'm working on it for another post for another day when it's all done!)

Springtime is coming!

I think spring is coming! It's almost springtime! Evie and I went outside to the beautiful sunny day today. We found our first blossom in the flowerbed!

Sure plays a mean pinball....

Grandpa & Grandma Yardley have a pinball machine that Evelyn likes to watch. The other day, Grandpa pulled up a chair for her to sit on up high. she loved it! She's a little interested in the orange ball that's OUTSIDE of the game. Evie, watch the ball inside!!
Evelyn got her some real cowboy boots!! Yipee! She actually walks in them like they are ski boots, but I'm sure with enough practice, she'll get the hang of it! Part of the fun is having mom take them off and put them on again. She likes her new boots, but isn't too sure of wearing them for a long period of time. I'm not so sure either! I don't want her to break her leg when she's only 18 months old!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Evelyn's new past-time

Evie loves playing with a pile of stickers. She'll run up to us, and put a sticker on our leg and giggle. The other day, I was getting ready, and so Justin was watching her and they were sitting on a chair. This is what I came upon. It was adorable!Evelyn getting the sticker ready to put on her dad!Evie loves, loves, loves her dad! He is so good with her too!


We made it to 18 months!! Yea, Evelyn can now go to nursery. Last week, I went in with her for 1/2 of the time, and she did great alone the last half. This week, I opened the door to nursery, she spread out her arms and said a great big: "HI!" to everyone. it was like "Ta-da, I'm HEEERRREEE! She didn't even look back and I turned around, closed the door and walked away. Beautiful!!! I think she's ready! What do you think?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

St. patrick's day frame

I love this picture frame from inspiringcreations.blogspot.com!! She made it from a dollar frame from Michael's! http://lindseyscraftlist.blogspot.com/2010/03/shamrock-tree-with-tutorial.html

Friday, March 5, 2010

Evelyn learning to lock doors

Last night, Justin came to me and asked, "do you know how to unlock the doors to each room?" I said, no. So, he got the screwdriver that fits the door and taught me how. Turns out, Evelyn knows how to turn the little knobs to lock the bathroom door. She did it while he was watching her.

So, today, we were playing and Evie went away. A few minutes later, I heard a click and knew right what it was! Sure enough, the bathroom door was closed...and she had locked it. When I called to her, I heard a little knock on the other side. It made me giggle. So, instead of panicking and calling Justin to come rescue me, I calmly went to the drawer, got the screwdriver and put it in the door, turned, and it came unlocked. Talk about a tender mercy! Oh, and so I closed the door behind us, but before I did, she had locked it again (yes, I got distracted with laundry), so I got to try the process all over again!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I made a wish...

I made this sign for Justin for valentine's day. We finally got it hung (is that correct grammar?). I love this saying because it's how I feel about Justin!

It's a burlap background and I stenciled the letters on with brown paint. It needed something else, and so I painted the chipboard brackets and a chipboard flower and then layered the flower with darker burlap & a lighter burlap flower. It looks really cute hanging on our wall! I wake up to the saying, and my wish every morning! (ahhhhhh)

Laurel Date Night

We have 6 darling Laurel's in our ward and they all invited a date to join us for our Laurel date night. It was a lot of fun. We had salad, Chili in bread bowls and a coolwhip/pudding dessert. Here is the place setting for each person.

Here's the table setting...ready for the guests to arrive!

Evelyn's Coins

Evelyn loves playing with coins! Grandma & Grandpa have a coin jar that she knows right where it is. Whenever we come over, she goes and gets it. She likes putting them in her little fingers and then spilling them onto the floor or into another jar. Here she is playing with the coins
Putting them in and out...

What a beauty!