Monday, March 15, 2010

Yardley Family St. Patrick's Party

Evelyn in her st. paddy's day shirt. The back says: Lucky (see below)
We had a party at mom & dad's house on Sunday night for St. Patrick's Day. Yes, we are IRISH!! It is a fun excuse to throw a party. We had shis-ka-bobs and rice and mom's yummy rolls, and salad. It was such a fun night!

Here's Jamison & brenda with Evie. She was attacking them with the spoon! Miss Emily loves her uncle Justin! It's a good thing he joined the family! Together, they won a game!

Natalie made a face every time I took her picture. Rach in the background with mom.

Grandpa playing with Evelyn. She loves to go by the fire and rub her hands together. See the cute shirt I made for her on my cricut! The front is a shamrock.

Here's Meg & Laura Petty. It was fun to have Laura there to visit us...and of course, Ireland's national symbol: the harp, in the background.

Evie playing in Natalie's boots

Ashley eating dinner...

Evelyn, Natalie & Emily eating dinner (they helped Grandma put together the shis-ka-bobs)

Evelyn discovers there are goodies in the little cauldron's! YUM.

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  1. I look a little funky! Oh well! What a fun party!