Monday, March 15, 2010

English Birthday Party

YUM!!! English Trifle (recipe below) This weekend, we celebrated John Overman's birthday. Kristel surprised him with an English-themed birthday party. He was happy about that since he served his mission to London. I made an americanized version of an English Trifle and also yorkshire pudding (German pancake) cooked in muffin tins so that people could have an individual serving. I forgot to take pictures of that, but they turned out fun. The trife is unsugared strawberries, angel food cake torn apart and the pudding is a mixture of 2 boxes white choc instant pudding, mixed with 2 cups cool whip (make 1 cup cool whip per box of pudding used). Then, layer it together. This was three layers and I used real whipping cream on the top. YUM!!
Right before John's birthday, we received a package from Iris in England (Rachel's friend). I saved the packaging and wrapped John's gift inside. How authentic!

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