Friday, March 5, 2010

Evelyn learning to lock doors

Last night, Justin came to me and asked, "do you know how to unlock the doors to each room?" I said, no. So, he got the screwdriver that fits the door and taught me how. Turns out, Evelyn knows how to turn the little knobs to lock the bathroom door. She did it while he was watching her.

So, today, we were playing and Evie went away. A few minutes later, I heard a click and knew right what it was! Sure enough, the bathroom door was closed...and she had locked it. When I called to her, I heard a little knock on the other side. It made me giggle. So, instead of panicking and calling Justin to come rescue me, I calmly went to the drawer, got the screwdriver and put it in the door, turned, and it came unlocked. Talk about a tender mercy! Oh, and so I closed the door behind us, but before I did, she had locked it again (yes, I got distracted with laundry), so I got to try the process all over again!

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