Saturday, February 19, 2011

ward party February 2011

We had a blast last night at our ward party. Because there is now no activities committee, the first party fell in the lap of the young women leaders. So, with my board, we planned an adult's only dinner/dancing party. The theme was "Don't tell my heart my achy-breaky heart" (western theme). We have the corbridge's in our ward who dj and they were superb! Justin was a great sport and danced the night away with me! We have never danced together, and it was so fun for us!Another person in the ward drew this backdrop for pictures for each person/couple. I loved that!
We love how the centerpieces turned out! Flowers in boots! One person turned to her husband and said, "i bet you'd have never guessed flowers would be in your $300 boots!" She was right and it was adorable.
Here we are doing YMCA. Lots of fun, Lots of work and lots of fun people!
Justin in his cute cowboy hat!
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