Saturday, April 17, 2010

Young Women/Young Men Etiquette Night

Our activity this week was a combined activity. We had an etiquette night. Heather (my 2nd counselor) and her husband Brandon came to be our our etiquette hosts. They taught us the in's and out's of proper etiquette. They were fantastic! They were dressed to the nine's and they started off with literally, a song and dance. We then excused the boys to draw a girl's name, and they went to find their seat. The boys then held the seat for the girl assigned to them. The youth were wonderful sports and we have a fun evening. We decided to serve spaghetti since that's always awkward to eat, and dinner rolls, salad, creamed corn and for dessert, we had ice cream sandwiches drizzled with chocolate sauce, caramal sauce & whip cream on top! Yum.
We had all five tables filled with leaders and youth. Fantastic evening!

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