Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter with the Yardley's

Evelyn "rolling" her easter eggs: We "roll" easter eggs and have a race with each other. We like to go all over the place to do it (sand dunes, capital hill, etc.). Because of the weather, we stayed close to home and rolled them down mom & dad's hill.
Evie saw us doing it, and she picked her's up and with a loud "Wheeee" she threw it down the steps. She went up and down the stairs to retrieve them. When they'd crack and break open, she'd get another. (Thank goodness for Grandpa Don and his smaller chicken eggs!). Check out the air that egg is getting! (right above her head -- it's green).
Easter Saturday:
What a fun day we had swinging and searching for easter eggs. My cousin Laura joined in on the fun too! Justin is in the background and Emily is on the ropeswing.

OH, you beautiful doll!

These were Justin's eggs this year. Two missionaries (one from south america) teaching their Brazilian investigator. Their car is in the backgroud for a quick get-away.

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