Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Big Race!

Kristel, Kathy & I (with Kathy's sister Cynthia) walked in the Salt Lake City 5K this morning. It was a gorgeous day! Justin dropped Evelyn & I off (since traffic and roads were crazy) and Evelyn just sat back and enjoyed the scene. This was a big deal for Kathy, and she did awesome! She has struggled with her health for the past few years, and just came out on top this morning! Way to go Kathy! I'm proud to know you! This is Kathy, Kristel & Cynthia . Whenever Evie would hear someone cheering the race on, she would start imitating the sound. So cute! We had a little cheerleader with us!
Kathy has just crossed the finish line! YIPEE! (She's in the center of the picture pushing the stroller)

Following the crowd....One side is heading to the middle of the race, the other side of the street has made the turn and is heading home.

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