Tuesday, June 22, 2010

sprinkled cupcakes and other things

Justin found these glasses for Evelyn to put on while shopping. She looked so funny in them, but loved wearing them!
I tried my hand at this cupcake idea i saw somewhere. They are dum dum suckers dipped in water and then sprinkled with the little ball sprinkles. They turned out so cute! We took these to the neighbors to thank them for watching Evelyn last week for me.
Justin's father's day gift from Evelyn. It says: To my slightly nutty but sweet DAD, and then the jar is filled with peanut M&M's.
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  1. Serious, will the cuteness never stop! Your creativity just wows me. What a great mom/wife/neighbor/friend you are. :)

  2. You are TOO CUTE! Love Evie's glasses! I could just eat her up!