Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Walk in Tooele

This weekend we had a booth at the pumpkin walk. We had a lot of fun selling our crafts all weekend long. Thanks to Justin, we were able to get our booth set up. This is him working away. Notice that none of us are helping....(yes, we helped, but he was the muscles!)
Kristel behind the booth finishing up a project.
Here's our booth. we switched it around a few time during the 2 days
Evie came to see me with Grandma & Grandpa and she got to go fishing at the fishing pond. It was so cute. They threw a string over this cute fish material and came out with a toy. evie got play dough. She wasn't too sure about the whole process though....just going through the motions everyone told her to do. It was funny.
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