Tuesday, June 22, 2010

sprinkled cupcakes and other things

Justin found these glasses for Evelyn to put on while shopping. She looked so funny in them, but loved wearing them!
I tried my hand at this cupcake idea i saw somewhere. They are dum dum suckers dipped in water and then sprinkled with the little ball sprinkles. They turned out so cute! We took these to the neighbors to thank them for watching Evelyn last week for me.
Justin's father's day gift from Evelyn. It says: To my slightly nutty but sweet DAD, and then the jar is filled with peanut M&M's.
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Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's day card

I decided that I don't do too many masculine cards. This year, I made a slew of these cards for father's day (yes, only 3 father's to give to, but hopefully the others will sell in the future)
I would put the gift for Justin on here, but the blog is the opening page when we open the internet, so he would see it. I'll have to wait until AFTER he gets it on Sunday.
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Evelyn helping with the corn

Evelyn has decided that she loves corn on the cob! So I decided to have her help me shuck it (my least favorite part). She did a great job.

part way into the first one, I think she realized what it was. She tentatively put it to her mouth to lick and then bite. She spit it out once she realized it didn't taste just right.
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Girls camp pillow cases

Next month at girls camp, we have a scripture study time each day. We study the scriptures as a group and then this year we are associating a craft (or handout) each day. The 2nd day we are going to read about the first Vision (Joseph Smith) and then talk about how prayer can change our lives too. (our theme is Changed...For Good). So, we came up with the idea to embroider pillow cases. I came home on Sunday, and found some fabric that was big enough, made the pillow case and then during the next couple of days, stitched theis phrase. I think the girls will have a great time working on this! They can do it anytime and just sit and chat. .

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flag blocks

Here's two more sets of flag blocks I made!

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american flag idea

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It was finally warm enough to pull out the water slide. Justin's brother was in town all last week, and the cousins had a lot of fun getting together to play. Evie didn't ever slide on the slip'nslide, but she did go by the water spraying out and then dipped her toes in this little pool. Her cousins were so cute with her! She had a great time!

Evie & her cousin Brigham are not so sure about what's happening.
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I trie some other colors for my summer blocks & family blocks. They sell for $10.

While Betsy was in town, we had a girl crafting day. Justin so generously cut out blocks so that we could each make a flag. I love how they all turned out! Way to go girls! Betsy also taought me how to make bows, and I am so excited about that.
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I know this is how they spread, but it was so cute watching her gather them! she wouldn't even let go of them once we came in the house. I had to distract her to even get them from her.

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Ensign Peak

We hiked Ensign Peak with the combined YM/YW last Wednesday. It was a perfect evening because the wind kept us cool and the sun wasn't shining on us for the hike. We returned to the bottom right as the rain came down!
Our awesome YM/YW!
Justin carried Evie on his back. She was a trooper! HE was a trooper! :)
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fountain at Gateway

We played with cousins all day today! We went to the church History museum where they have an I am a Child of God exhibit, with hands-on activities for the kids. They had a great time!
We had so much fun today playing in the water fountains at the Gateway! Evelyn was a little shy about the water, but a couple times she wandered through. She just looked so stinkin' cute in her swimsuit, I couldn't resist the shots...

Jackie (Evie's cousin) had fun too! We had a great day with family playing!

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Dinner at our house after

After going to the Aquarium in Salt Lake, we came back to our house for dinner. The kids were eating root beer floats outside! Yes, it was even a little chilly after the thunderstorms and so some of them had jackets on!

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The living aquarium with family

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wooden flag

I made this wood flag yesterday. I love how it stacks with the blocks of wood! It's summertime. I also sell this (or one like it) for $10.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Canning House Party

Evie and me checking out the jars boiling in the water. "hot, hot hot!" she said!
We did another house party. This time is was for Ball canning things. We made mint jelly and it finally set up, so I can wait to try it! It was a fun night.

We had a guessing game for the night, and the winner won "canned" goods.

Stirring the jelly

watching them process in the water...almost done!
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