Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's been awhile!

My former boss called me at the end of December asking if I could come in to help for a couple days a week and thanks to my mom and sister-in-law watching Evie, I am able to do that! So, as a result, my blogging has slowed down, but we haven't!
Evie loves, loves, loves these paint brushes Aunt Megan gave her for Christmas. She paints pictures, the highchair and of course, HER!
We are having New Beginnings at the end of January, and the theme is: Let Personal Progress COLOR your world! My dearest friend came up with this awesome theme! Thanks, Em! I had hit a roadblock! That same day, I was watching Studio 5 and my favorite contributor Alisa Bangerter showed this cute stryofoam ball with crayons shoved into it. So, I decided to make one to see if it would work for decor for our theme! I think we'll make one for each table. Caution: they take about 200 crayons! We are downsizing the ball.
My sister in law Kristel had a birthday this week and so I made her a family home evening magnetic board. I didn't take a picture of the magnets, and they turned out so cute! I put their name on each stone magnet with a cute font.
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  1. I LOVE the crayon ball! What great table decor. Take lots of pictures...I can't wait to see how it turns out.