Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gift ideas & Christmas Crafts

It’s time for Christmas crafting!  My favorite craft this year is my countdown to Christmas magnetic tins.  They are so fun to make because I just think of the magic of excitement each day as a child opens a tin to find a treat or an activity inside.  PB290008

Here are a few other favorites!

November 20111

Block Nativity: a scene from the nativity on each side.

November 20112

Stacking Blocks: $12

November 2011

Here are my favorite gift ideas for a mom, sister, wife, friend or grandma! 


Multi-word block set. Spells at least 17 words between the 7 blocks and covers about every season or holiday!  ($20)

P8290005FHE chalkboard!  Perfect gift for the sibling you give to this year!  $25

PB140056Message boards:  Magnetic board $25 & Dry erase board $20 (different sizes = different prices.  Can be custom made – colors, etc.)PB140067

Custom wood letters in any personalized way!  $2/letter


And, of course wood signs!  These can be made in any size and color.  You can put a custom saying or one I have already created (many to choose from!).  Prices vary. (a few samples below)



Happy shopping this season!!


  1. interested in multi wood block set. have more? allie else can I contact u? thanks!

  2. Sure! Look near the top of my page, and there's a link to "Like" us on facebook. YOu can contact me there! Thanks!

  3. don't see it. that's ok. would u b able to make a deal if we bought multiple sets? and what colors does it come in?

  4. I can do any color combo. How many sets were you interested in?