Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentine Décor is up

I have seen this idea all over pinterest and so Imagine my thrill when I came across these mailboxes {brand-new} in the salvation army for 50 cents each.  I added some vinyl (of course!) and created a little mailbox for each of us to leave love notes. 



This burlap love banner was so simple to create.  I simply cut out the triangles (burlap is a mess to work with so be prepared!), then I cut out the letters on my cricut but didn’t use the letter…I used the outline part of it – you know, the part you throw away.  It was my stencil, then I used acrylic paint to stencil the shape or letter onto each triangle.  I stapled the burlap to jute and added some pieces of ribbon between each triangle. P1190010

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