Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer ends. School starts.

Evie earned ALL her puff balls! We went to target for her to choose a toy! She chose a Dora set with a pool & mini picnic table. She has done so good learning to obey.Labor day was spent at s,lot park in centerville. Emily came to the park to play with evie. They ended up in the creek & evie didn't stop talking about it all the way home.
today evie received her back-to-school haircut. I think this was the longest she has ever sat for someone. I was so proud of her! And she looks gorgeous!

after the haircut on a cool purple bench.

Today my evie started preschool! It's a new teacher and she seemed to have a really fun day. I was so proud of her when we got there a little girl came up to her & I said "say hi" & evie stepped out of being hidden in my leg and said " hi what's your name?" she then walked confidently into the classroom.


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