Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas ornaments

We made cinnamon ornaments for our tree this year. 

I found the recipe from simply kierste and off we went!  Justin mixed the applesauce & cinnamon and evie cut the shapes with cookie cutters.  They turned out really fun!  Although, they are quite fragile, so don’t let a 4 year old even TOUCH them. at. all.  I thought they were protected, until I actually started putting them on the tree….then, she happened to gather a few and we lost  some points on the stars.  Ugh. 

Anyway, those that remain look darling!


This past Saturday, we went to breakfast with Santa at SLCC. They had Santa & Mrs. Claus there!  Evie loved it!  They took a picture for us, then we went into breakfast.  After breakfast they (the student officers for SLCC) had about 10 stations where Evie made a craft representing every winter holiday for about every religion.  It was wonderful!  They even had cookies to frost, pictures to color, a foam frame to make, a lantern for a Hindu holiday and so on!  It was wonderful.  The picture they took with Santa was ready for us when we went home.  PC010055

Here she is showing off her candy from Santa!PC010062

working on a craft…PC010065

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  1. She is as beautiful as her mother! The way she holds herself screams maturity to me. She has grown so much since I saw her last!