Monday, January 25, 2010

Ice Fishing & Ice Sculptor

We went ice fishing the day after Christmas. Evelyn was not very happy about it. We lasted about 20 minutes out on the ice. We have no idea why she was upset. She wasn't too cold, but probably uncomfortable. We really had her bundled up. She did not want to be there!

I had to post these pictures even though it was the day after Christmas. We had seen on the news about a guy who was making these ice sculptures in Midway. So, we were going ice fishing and stopped in to take a look. It was amazing. There was an entire pathway full of these beautiful pieces of ice. It was a fun experience.
You can even see the guy up in there making it. He would turn on sprinklers and let them spray out and then turn them off and attach pieces of ice to form new shapes.

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