Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Power Out!

This morning, Evelyn woke up and so did we. I looked at my clock and it was black. The power was out. It went out about 6:00 a.m. and it was about 7 by now. We called Rocky Mountain power and reported the outage. We checked all our breakers because the people across the street had power. I walked outside and could see a power truck down the street. Justin walked down to them and they explained that a fuse had blown. So, we were out of luck for a few hours. Evie was a good sport. We put around a few candles and had flashlights. It made us think about the fact that we don't have milk for Evelyn if we were in a dire situation. We need to get some powdered milk...even though I really don't like it and hated having it when I was young. We had to drink it every so often. Probably so mom & dad could rotate through food storage. I can't imagine any other reason to inflict such torture on small children.

Evie eating lunch in the dark (well, the window was open and it was a sunny day!)
We played around the house all morning, and bundled up nice and toasty. We colored and played and I put up Valentine Decor. Evie & I had a great time. We ate lunch and then I put Evie down for her nap. A few minutes later, the heat kicked on. By the time this happened, it was 59 degrees in here! It was wonderful to have the heater and lights again!

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