Saturday, May 1, 2010

Evelyn and the scooter

Look at this doll! Evelyn playing with grandpa Yardley
The other day, Evelyn went outside with me while I was working on a project. The neighbor was working in his yard (he's a grandpa) and she became attached to him. She followed him all around his yard. It was so cute. Pretty soon the grandma came out with some grandkids and Evie joined them. They were playing on their scooters and so she joined them. Grandma helped her on the scooter and she had a blast! Today, she saw the scooters in their yard, and she said, "Mine" and started running toward it. Cute. (oh, that's chocolate on her mouth from a cookie she was eating when we went outside).

This was my handout from my lesson with the young women on Sunday. It was on journals and so I made the girls Journal Jars. They have questions in them that help spark ideas in what to write.

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