Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mutual activity scavenger hunt

Tonight for mutual, we went on a bigger or better scavenger hunt. We had enough youth to divide into 3 teams (5,5, & 6 people each) and drove around the ward. Each team started with a paper clip, and went to a house and asked if they had something that was bigger or better than the paperclip. They then traded "up" to whatever the person handed them, and left the previous item with that person. The point it to see who comes back after 45 minutes (and/or) 5 houses with something that is the biggest or the "bestest"! One team showed up with a pool (but they didn't understand the rules, and didn't know we weren't returning things), another with a liter bottle of root beer and another with a wooden cart.

The team with the pool had to go back and back-track to all the homes trading back in their winnings...
Here's the winning team with their wooden cart!
This team loved their root beer! Fun night!
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