Thursday, December 9, 2010

Evie's blanket is found!

two days after a major snow storm, i decided to take a jog. we had Evie's blanket and baby blanket. Somewhere along the way, we lost the baby blanket. I was devestated! We had to tell evie and find replacement baby blankets. So, a few weeks later, the roads were cleared, sidewalks clear and I decided to go for a jog this morning (little promptings leading me to go). As we were jogging along, I saw somethsomething that looked like a dead rat on the road, but bigger, and was going to go around it when I saw the little ribbon sticking up from the blanket. I stopped dead in my tracks! It was her blanket, and in a totally different place then where I thought I lost it! What a blessing! I started to cry on my jog i was so happy!
Here is the after picture. It cleaned up perfectly with no stains or marks at all! YIPEE!!
I was wrapping some gifts for Christmas and I asked Evie to take them from the room I was wrapping in, and put them under the tree. I came out of the room when finished, and this is what I saw: She had taken the little trees and put the present literally UNDER the tree. She had placed the other gifts around the other ones. (She probably couldn't lift the others!). It was so funny!
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  1. Mom told me about the tree story earlier today..that is so cute! Also, I love her polka dot shirt, and her smile! She's my cheeky poppet! :)

  2. both stories made me smile...isn't it funny how we get attatched to things we know are important to our kids! I am so happy you found the blanket. LOVE the tree story! So funny! Give her hugs and kisses for us.