Wednesday, December 29, 2010

using our Christmas presents

Evelyn received from her aunt "b" a paint set that has the sponge brushes with paint already in them. We pulled them out today, and she ended up using them twice in the day because they were so fun! She painted the paper, the tabletop, her arms, her hair, her face (well, her face by default because her hands had paint on them). She had a ball!
I have been playing with my new vinyl cutter. I decided to make these signs for my lesson on Sunday. So, the laurel girls will be gettting one of these. They turned out so cute! Mostly because it's my first real project using my cutter!
Here's another sign i put together this afternoon. ($10)
I made this sign for the top of my piano. This was the color of vinyl that came with the machine to practice on, and so it was perfect for the blue winter color I have around my house. Happy New Year everyone!
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  1. you spoiled brat! I can't belive you got a vinyl cutter! Lucky lady!