Friday, January 29, 2010


I am working on a project that involves handmade flowers...I haven't done this before and this was a perfect demonstration for how to layer them. Thanks, for the demo. I'll put it to use!

S'more wedding Favor

These darling S'more wedding favors were from Elizabeth Anne Designs dot com. What a fun idea. The bride & Groom created the packages to give to their guests. This would be so fun to give to the girls at girls camp.

They wrapped the marshmallows in a seperate bag so they wouldn't dry out but put a stick in them first. How clever!

New Beginnings

For New Beginnings this year, we focused on the Mutual theme: Be strong and of a good courage. With the help of Shelly & Kevin cutting and sanding and Angelic with the vinyl, I made these blocks for the girls. They are pink (the new Personal progress book is pink) to remind the girls that they are GIRLS...they are born with special attributes, personalities, gifts and purposes because they are a girl!

This is what the finished blocks looked like....

This was the start of all 27 sets!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Evelyn & Jackie

Jackie and Evelyn were playing and Jackie wanted to dress up, and so Kristel found Evelyn a princess headpiece and a tutu. They look so cute!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ice Fishing & Ice Sculptor

We went ice fishing the day after Christmas. Evelyn was not very happy about it. We lasted about 20 minutes out on the ice. We have no idea why she was upset. She wasn't too cold, but probably uncomfortable. We really had her bundled up. She did not want to be there!

I had to post these pictures even though it was the day after Christmas. We had seen on the news about a guy who was making these ice sculptures in Midway. So, we were going ice fishing and stopped in to take a look. It was amazing. There was an entire pathway full of these beautiful pieces of ice. It was a fun experience.
You can even see the guy up in there making it. He would turn on sprinklers and let them spray out and then turn them off and attach pieces of ice to form new shapes.

Cream Puffs

I just made cream puffs! They were so easy, and they taste yummy! I will put scoops of ice cream and pour chocolate sauce over them for dinner. We are having dinner at Don & Kathy's for FHE. Dessert was my assignment.

Overnight in Minersville

We had a fun weekend. Evelyn and I went swimming in Tooele with Kristel & Kathy & Jackie & Eli. We learned that Kristel's fridge/freezer stopped running. There was another used freezer combo stored at Grandpa Wayne's house in Minersville. So, Justin & I went with them to Minersville that night so they could use Justin's truck to transport it home. It was a nice drive down, with a little patch of heavy snow in Provo. Other then that, it was easy-going. Evelyn even traveled well. We got in about 11 pm and put Evie to bed. She had fallen asleep during the drive and woke up when we arrived. When we put her to bed again, she wouldn't go to sleep. She finally fell asleep for a couple hours on Justin's arm. Then she would wake up when he put her down again. It was like this the entire night. Poor Evie...Poor Justin! We were tired the next day for the drive home. Luckily, we got everything strapped into the truck and off we went. It was a beautiful day and I worked on my young women lesson/handouts on the drive home. We sure enjoy spending time with Kristel & John and their family. Evie & Jackie play together so well. They just squeal with delight when they see each other.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Patchwork Notebook

I saw this cute patchwork notebook on a website called & thought is was so cute! It would be a fun idea to do with the YW girls sometime too.
Take a plain notebook and then collect pictures or words and modpodge them on. Go all over the notebook (front and back).

Valentine's Decor is up!

Winter decor is down & Heart-day stuff is up. This is my newest piece. I made this burlap banner using my cricut machine to cut the stencil. It was really easy and a lot of fun! (I did have to staple the burlap onto the twine because it kept breaking through.) Burlap is the new vinyl! :) (Ya, right!)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


On Friday's Evelyn & I go to Tooele to walk in the water with Kristel & Kathy. We push the kids in float tubes. They really have fun.
Last week when we went, Eli fell asleep during the workout. It was so adorable!
Here we are!! (minus me...I'm not getting in a picture with my swimsuit on!)

Evie's curls

I love how Evelyn's hair is growing! These curls are starting to really stay as her hair gets longer. She is so beautiful!

We moved the Computer

We finally moved the computer out of Evelyn's room to the front room. We have been pondering this for a long time since Evie sleeps so lightly. We got a fun desk from Wal-mart and it fits perfectly in the space. Because our house is so small, we have to think through any piece of furniture. We love how it turned out!

Power Out!

This morning, Evelyn woke up and so did we. I looked at my clock and it was black. The power was out. It went out about 6:00 a.m. and it was about 7 by now. We called Rocky Mountain power and reported the outage. We checked all our breakers because the people across the street had power. I walked outside and could see a power truck down the street. Justin walked down to them and they explained that a fuse had blown. So, we were out of luck for a few hours. Evie was a good sport. We put around a few candles and had flashlights. It made us think about the fact that we don't have milk for Evelyn if we were in a dire situation. We need to get some powdered milk...even though I really don't like it and hated having it when I was young. We had to drink it every so often. Probably so mom & dad could rotate through food storage. I can't imagine any other reason to inflict such torture on small children.

Evie eating lunch in the dark (well, the window was open and it was a sunny day!)
We played around the house all morning, and bundled up nice and toasty. We colored and played and I put up Valentine Decor. Evie & I had a great time. We ate lunch and then I put Evie down for her nap. A few minutes later, the heat kicked on. By the time this happened, it was 59 degrees in here! It was wonderful to have the heater and lights again!

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Year's Day

Going down the hill in the cyclone! A fun train going down the hill at the elem. school!

Me, Evie & Aunt Meg
Evie & Aunt Meg after going down the hill

Driving the cyclone to the school. It was too big to fit in Meg's car, so we piled it on top and hung on through the sun roof!

Evie's New Year's outfit that I made.

For New Year's Day, we went sledding! It was the first time Evelyn has ever gone. She wasn't too sure about it, but didn't cry, so we kept taking her down the big hill at the Elementary school. We went with Grandpa, Aunt Rachel, Aunt Megan, Uncle Jamison, & cousins: Ashley, Natalie, Jamison & Emily. It was a really fun day! After, we went to Jamison's and Brenda had made us hot chocolate.

Snow Pictures...enjoy!

Here's aunt Rachel, having a turn down the hill.. Here's aunt Megan and Evelyn enjoying their ride down the hill too.
Now they have to walk up the big hill...
Now it's mom's turn for a ride...
Here's the Yardley clan posing for the camera!