Monday, February 6, 2012

water problem

A couple weeks ago on a Sunday morning, a neighbor knocked on our door to tell us that we had a broken water main leak.  It was freezing outside and Justin was already gone to his church meetings.  Finally, I got a hold of him and he came home and called the emergency city water people.  We went to church not sure what was happening.  It was on the edge of our driveway along the street so our house was safe, but we weren’t sure if it was our problem to fix or the city’s.  Knowing that this can cost thousands of dollars, we hoped it was the city’s problems!  After sacrament meeting Justin came home and the city was there fixing it.  They reported that the break was on their line (phew!!).  When Evie & I came home from church, this is what we came home to!


The guys were so nice.  One pulled up a piece of cardboard for Evie to stand on so that her shoes wouldn’t get muddy.  Poor guys having to work on a cold Sunday morning!  They did a great job.  P1220001

We had invited my sister’s over for dinner, and when the guys turned the water back on, the line broke again.  So instead of my sister’s coming to our house, we gathered up all the food and headed to their house!  I’m so glad they were flexible.  At least when we came home, it was all fixed, and the hole was filled up again. 

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