Sunday, February 3, 2013

Time Out for Women with my sisters!


this weekend was so much fun! I went to Time out For Women with all of my sisters! Monica flew in from North Carolina and so the 5 of us stayed at Meg & Rach's apartment which was right down the street from the conference center where TOFW was held. It was a weekend full of inspirational speakers and music.

I pulled into my parent's house to get Monica, and my dad had made these 2 gigantic snowmen with the huge piles of snow they have received (this is what he does in retirement....ah, what a life!) He even dug a snow tunnel for monica to crawl through so her kids could see all the snow (remember they live in 70 degree weather right now!)

Here's the companion snowman on the other side of the driveway.

so adorable!

And thus begins our weekend. We had pedicures and lunch, and then rushed to drop off our stuff at the apartment and then headed to the conference. How uplifiting! how glorious of a weekend to experience these speakers & music and all with my sisters! I love them so much! It was just the weekend I needed!



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