Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pioneer Day Celebrations

Our pioneer day celebrations started on Thursday when we visited the Days of ‘47 parade float preview party.  All of the floats were displayed in an exhibit room and they had a marching band going around the room playing songs.  It was so festive!  Most of the floats had information about creating their float and then they had some sort of interactive thing for the children.  This float was an underwater theme and so they had a girl with a mermaid skirt on sitting there for kits to have their picture taken.  She then handed them a seashell to take home.  It was darling!  P7210011

This float had a giant fisherman on it, and so behind the float they had a fishing pond for the kids!  They got a piece of candy to take home. 

P7210012at one place, they had this darling cutout to take a picture.  Evie & I smiled for the camera!P7210025

They had clowns making balloon shapes for all the kids who stood in line to wait for it…P7210014


….and we did!  Jackie & Evie both got a {floating} butterfly. What a fun event to visit!

Our adventures continued when we traveled to Panguitch to play with my family.  We went to a family reunion one of the days where we did crafts (we were in charge & did rock painting and decorating chipboard letters for kids/adults), rode horses, had a candy launcher throughout the day, a rubber ducky race in the creek, and fireworks at night.  What a fun family reunion celebration.  The most joyful thing for me was Evie’s reaction to horses.  At first she was unsure, but grandpa talked her through the saddle, and what it is for…and by the end of the day, she threw a fit when it was time to get off!  She literally rode them until the sun went down!  Thanks to her awesome cousins & Aunt B for riding with her and leading the horse around. P7220045P7220029you can kind of see the candy flying through the air in this shot. Setting off the candy launcher…P7220031P7220032P7220035P7220037P7220039Down by the river to watch the rubber ducky’s.  We didn’t win, but Aunt b won first and received a gift card to an ice cream shoppe.  We promptly used it! Thanks Aunt BP7220041P7220043

This was the highlight of the trip for Evie.  Saturday morning, most of us woke up early to drive back to the ranch for a 5K run.  It was such a beautiful morning and a chilly 39 degrees.  As we ran, it warmed up (of course).  We were rewarded for getting up early with cinnamon rolls and orange juice.  Thanks Dan, for organizing that event!

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