Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Visiting Kennecott Copper Mine

The largest open pit copper mine in the world is in our back yard!  Evelyn and I visited a couple days ago with Shelly and her kids.  It was a perfect day, not too hot, then after, we visited a park in Copperton.  This is a quaint little town at the base of the copper mine.  What a fun day!P7120020To get to the mine, we parked below, and rode a bus to the top.  This was Evelyn’s favorite part of the entire day!  She was so excited to be in a bus and be able to look out the window. 

Evie’s friend Jake.P7120021

P7120022P7120032Looking into the mine.P7120027

What a fun day riding the bus!P7120025P7120037A storm had just passed through, and so there were puddles of water still draining out the top.  Of course, a two year old would find that….

Later that day….we went to this fun park.  Evie took the side road instead of the ladder going up, but loved coming down the correct way!

P7120040P7120041P7120044What a fun day!

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