Thursday, October 11, 2012

Disneyland and California 2012

It was so fun visiting Disneyland in October!  We had lots of activities for evie to do in the car on the way down.  The exciting start to our first day was that we got to ride the shuttle into the park!  Disneyland vacation october 2012We visited Huntington Beach.  It was 88 degrees and beautiful!  We, of course, buried Justin in the sand and played and played in the sand and water!boutique fall 2012Evie waited so long to ride the ferris wheel.  We went on the one that would swing as we went around the turn.  It was a little scary for me (and evie), but still exciting!  We saw a Disney Jr. show, lots of characters and went on every ride that Evie could fit on.disneyland vacation fall 2012disneyland vacation fall 20121A highlight of our trip was visiting pixie hollow.  We met Tinkerbell & the new fairy: Periwinkle.  It was so fun to go into their house and visit with them.  They would ask questions and chat and chat with us.  So darling! Worth the hour wait!! disneyland vacation fall 20122At the end of each night, Evie crashed!  She was exhausted!  There were so many new sights and sounds for her!disneyland vacation fall 20123What a fun adventure to the Disney parks with our little family!  Disneyland vacation october 20121Disneyland vacation october 20122

We stopped in Minersville for a couple nights to fish and relax.

I love those two together!


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