Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Evie is Izzy from Jake and the neverland pirates (Disney channel) for Halloween this year. "Yea hey no way!" Is what she says!

 Here is a photo shoot with cousins.  They were all over the place (younger AND older kids!) and so finally we set them loose to play and we took candid shots from that. They had a lot of fun running around in their costumes.
 On Halloween, Evie announced 10 minutes before it was time to leave to trick or treat that she didn't want to be Izzy.  Before giving her the this-is-what-we-had-planned speech, I looked around and noticed her Cinderella costume she had received the month before for her birthday.  I calmly said, "well, you can be Cinderell or Izzy.  Those are your choices."  She promptly went with Cinderella.  She actually was quite happy about it, but this photo was the best we got among her excitement to get-going!  All night long she said:  "I love Halloween!  Halloween is my favorite holiday."  Of course, becuase she is cute and little, people would put HANDFULLS of candy into her bucket.  I kept thinking: "Noooo!!  I'm just going to eat the leftovers!!!"   Ah well.  it's a rough life.  being cute and little, that is. 


  1. Love this girl! She's a perfect Izzy!

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