Monday, February 22, 2010

Driving in the car with Evelyn

Evie & I were driving to the other day, and she has started a new thing when she's in her car seat...she puts her hands behind her head to relax. She just looks out the window and is so comfortable! I grabbed my camera, (even though I was driving) and turned it around to take the shot. Pretty good shot for not looking!
Evelyn even puts her hands behind her head when we put her down at night in her crib. She lays down and immediately puts her hands there. It's so cute.
As we were driving, she started playing with her blanket, and just threw it over her head and didn't say anything. Again, this a not-looking camera shot, and so it's a little crooked, but you can see her arm poking out...that is what she did. She'd cover her head, and then just relax her arms on the arm rests. It was such a fun game for her!

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