Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thinovation party!!

We had our Thinovation party with Sandwich Thins last night! We had so much fun with this House party. We got the party packet in the mail that came with reusable shoping bags, a cutting board that I used as a party favor drawing, and then I made up these goodie bags using the sandwhich Thins colors. We also got a notepad shopping list and recipe cards for each person.

Here's Rach & Evie waiting to eat... Here's the layout! Meg made Steak Frites (French) which is steak, a cucumber sauce, and french fries all inside the toasted bun. It was YUMMY! I think that was everyone's favorite. Then, mom also did chicken with a dressing and red onion and provlone cheese. Yummy too! Dad had his sandwich too....
He was told to bring a sandwich, and so he did! A favorite too! He loves bologna, cheese, & cinnamon rolls. Yep, you heard correctly. Pile them all together, and there's his sandwich!

Here's our party favors...

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  1. Dad's sandwich brought back some great memories for Jame! Sorry we missed it!