Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentine's day 2010

We had a really fun Valentine's day. Justin brought home flowers for me on Friday, and then on Saturday, we got a babysitter and went to see a movie. It has been since evelyn was born that we have been to the theater together. We went to "Blindside". It was fantastic! Then, we went to outback steakhouse. Really yummy! Justin called ahead and had our name on the wait list, so we only waited about 20 minutes when everyone else had to wait 90! What a smart husband I have! On Sunday, we melted some chocolate and had fruit and other dipping things like pretzels and we took off evie's shirt so that she could dip her own fruit. Before the chocolate came out, she picked up every strawberry and took a bite out of each one. They were pretty sour (early in the season), but she liked them. She also ate the pineapple too.
She didn't make too big of a mess...just on her mouth. Justin decided to dip a blob of peanut butter. He made his own recess's peanut butter cup!

so cute! yum!!!

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