Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thinovation party!!

We had our Thinovation party with Sandwich Thins last night! We had so much fun with this House party. We got the party packet in the mail that came with reusable shoping bags, a cutting board that I used as a party favor drawing, and then I made up these goodie bags using the sandwhich Thins colors. We also got a notepad shopping list and recipe cards for each person.

Here's Rach & Evie waiting to eat... Here's the layout! Meg made Steak Frites (French) which is steak, a cucumber sauce, and french fries all inside the toasted bun. It was YUMMY! I think that was everyone's favorite. Then, mom also did chicken with a dressing and red onion and provlone cheese. Yummy too! Dad had his sandwich too....
He was told to bring a sandwich, and so he did! A favorite too! He loves bologna, cheese, & cinnamon rolls. Yep, you heard correctly. Pile them all together, and there's his sandwich!

Here's our party favors...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

St. patrick's day decor

I finished a project for St. Patrick's day. I was inspired by a project I saw over at and this is my version. (i had to update the picture above this year because I misspelled leprechaun below...)

of course, I had to pull out the shamrock candy dish and I seperated all the green & yellow M&M's. Justin didn't even realize I had done that until he pulled out the bag and thought, "there aren't any green or yellow m&m's in here." He thought i had bought a special bag of st patrick's day m&M's.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Refinished Chair

It was time to find a computer desk chair! Justin found this chair at the Salvation Army for $1-- yes, $1!!! We recovered the seat and painted it black. We love how it turned out!



St. Patrick's day decor

It's time to put up the st. paddy's decor! I went to wood connection to get the letters & shamrock. I decided to paper craft them instead of paint them. I'm happy how they turned out!

young women activity

Fun Activty...
We had a class activity with the Laurel's and Shelly McCullough (who is amazingly crafty and talented) taught us to make hair bows. Here is Melissa wearing all of them. It was a really fun night, and the girls even went from the activity to the craft store to purchase more flowers to make some more clips. One girls wore hers on Sunday to church. It was adorable and so easy to make! Thanks Shelly!

Driving in the car with Evelyn

Evie & I were driving to the other day, and she has started a new thing when she's in her car seat...she puts her hands behind her head to relax. She just looks out the window and is so comfortable! I grabbed my camera, (even though I was driving) and turned it around to take the shot. Pretty good shot for not looking!
Evelyn even puts her hands behind her head when we put her down at night in her crib. She lays down and immediately puts her hands there. It's so cute.
As we were driving, she started playing with her blanket, and just threw it over her head and didn't say anything. Again, this a not-looking camera shot, and so it's a little crooked, but you can see her arm poking out...that is what she did. She'd cover her head, and then just relax her arms on the arm rests. It was such a fun game for her!

the big people table!

Evelyn has moved to the big person table (where mom & dad sit). (Please don't look at the mess on the table...i had been sick the week before, and so everything landed there). She still eats in her high chair when she's the only one eating, but at dinner, she joins us there. She is so happy about it! and it's so adorable to see her sitting there.

Valentine's day 2010

We had a really fun Valentine's day. Justin brought home flowers for me on Friday, and then on Saturday, we got a babysitter and went to see a movie. It has been since evelyn was born that we have been to the theater together. We went to "Blindside". It was fantastic! Then, we went to outback steakhouse. Really yummy! Justin called ahead and had our name on the wait list, so we only waited about 20 minutes when everyone else had to wait 90! What a smart husband I have! On Sunday, we melted some chocolate and had fruit and other dipping things like pretzels and we took off evie's shirt so that she could dip her own fruit. Before the chocolate came out, she picked up every strawberry and took a bite out of each one. They were pretty sour (early in the season), but she liked them. She also ate the pineapple too.
She didn't make too big of a mess...just on her mouth. Justin decided to dip a blob of peanut butter. He made his own recess's peanut butter cup!

so cute! yum!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sending Valentine's

This was Evelyn's Valentine this year. It said: Hey Valentine, Let's HANG out! Love, Evelyn. It is a plastic zipper bag attached by a clothespin to a chipboard heart. Then, a picture of her topped it off!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Eating out

Last Friday we went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday. It was so fun to see the spunk of Evelyn. She is learning how to pose for a camera. She still needs to learn to hold still for a little longer...but, overall, she now knows to smile when the camera comes out. These pictures of her and Justin were so adorable! Look mom! I'm standing up on the bench!!
I have a pretty cool dad!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Projects I've been working on

This is an acrylic picture frame that I glued together and then cut a heart with my cricut machine. I punched holes through both sides with my crop-a-dile and wrapped a wire through the holes (you can't see the wire very well), and then tied ribbon. Fill will candy and give away! This chore chart I made for Evelyn to use in a year or so. I made it for my YW lesson today. It was called: "Sharing work in the home". It's a magnetic board and I cut the stars with my cricut and the red lines are vinyl. I mod podged wrapping paper onto the board for the base.

I hope none of the cousins are looking!!! This is their valentine's day card from Evelyn. I glued paper onto a chipboard heart and put candy in a clear bag and then glued paper onto a clothespin, tied a bow and then added Evie's picture that says: Hey Valentine, Let's HANG out! love, Evelyn.

Evelyn's first ear infection

This is Evelyn's favorite place to be in the kitchen. She loves sitting on the counter watching me work. She will just sit there so good (usually) and play with things around her. This week has been a doozy!! Evelyn has been sick and we found out at the latter end of the week that she has her first ear both ears!! Antibiotics, here we come!! She is starting to feel a little better. Now, we just need to get her sleeping habits back on track. The lack of sleep isn't helping Justin or I in the feeling good department. We're both sick now.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Our first Newspaper!

It took a couple years, but we finally subscribe to the local Deseret News! I was so excited when our first paper came that I took a picture!
Yes, that's me in barefeet, in the snow!

Evelyn's Pony-tails

At 16 1/2 months, Evelyn finally has pony-tails...okay, okay, they still look a little like pig-tails, but they are further back on her head! YEA! The hard part is keeping them in and also, keeping in the clip for the front of her hair. She is so adorable.

My First Turkey Dinner!

I have had this turkey in my freezer for awhile now, and decided it was time to take it out and learn how to cook it!!! I prepared it by putting cut up onion pieces and celery. But first, I had to take out the insides. My mom coached me through it, but I thought the inside bone was what was supposed to come out!! I pulled and pulled (no joke--and I can't believe I admit it, but I really had no idea), but it didn't come. Finally I called my mom and said, now WHAT part comes out? She helped me find the little packet to pull out. It was an 18 pound turkey and it cooked in 5 hours. It was wonderful! I had my family over to help eat it and we had such a fun time! I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of the finished product. You'll just have to trust me when I say it turned out beautifully!